PartsWord Boutique

PartsWord Boutique

For more than 20 years already Partsword has been offering an electronic information system for passenger cars and commercial vehicles to the sales representatives of the independent market. identify spare parts.

PartsWord Boutique

A growth market

In a market of over 11 billion euros, 54% held by independent spare part suppliers, we offer a business model that has proven, highly competitive, sustainable and highly innovative.

A strong ambition

With strong European foundations, we are a promising actor who wants to strengthen its market share. Our goal is to build within 5 years our presence through the creation of over 100 new outlets with the powerful tools we have developed and which today have demonstrated their effectiveness.

Join us !

You have an entrepreneurial spirit. Want a successful challenge in the context of an innovative form of cooperation that respects your independence while supporting your development ...
Join us and participate in our joint success.









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The opening support

1.2.3...Win !


1 / The support of the project

detailed sheet

Definition du projet


- Discovery of services

- Discovery of a Partsword Boutique *

- Discovery of the overall concept Partsword

- Project Definition

- Presentation of pre-contractual information document

- Signature of territorial booking contract


Development project


- Market research (CA potential)
- Help in choosing the commercial site
- Making available and training in the use of "PBP" tool to 3 years
- Calculation of the initial financing plan
- Assistance in realization income statement and balance sheet to 3 years
- Realization of the financial / banking issue (on request)
- Support banker visit (on request)



2 / Initial training

detailed sheet



- The products and range of different suppliers

- The technical (parts, sub domains, EDI)
- The customer loyalty program
- Discovery of the overall concept Partsword




- Information management by our partner (not included)
- Billing and payment
- The activity reporting




- Tools and documentation control
- The quality of stocks (management, inventory, return)
- The service-after-sales (guaranteed product, vendor warranty)

Employee training


- Discovery: Visit the warehouse and headquarters (on request)
- Tools and documentation control



3 / The opening support

detailed sheet

Assistance and overall support


- Appointment of a dedicated project manager, single contact
- General monitoring of the project
- Organization and follow-up meetings coordiantion


Works and Planning


- Realization of the plan "racking" (by the partner)
- Coordination with approved suppliers
- Validation of the overall development plan (storage area, offices)


Products and services


- Definition of the product offering (stored and referenced)
- Explanation of trade policy
- Basic stock Proposal
- Coordination of support for OEMs
- Realization merchandising plan
- Implementation produced by a specialized team


Informatics and Management


- Coordination with our partners
- Support for setting software





- Advice on the organization and back office team trade





- Realization of your project on computer graphics (on request)
- Coordination with the referenced supplier
- Safety Graphic chart





- Supply of product catalogs, supplier catalogs
- Safety Graphic chart



Operational Marketing


- Advice on the commercial strategy of opening
- Design and printing of opening catalog
- Direct marketing operations Realization
- Design and impressions of the opening prospectus
- Design, printing and mailing of the accompanying letters
- Telephone prospecting campaign